Seven tips to become a good Ping Pong player

Ping Pong player

It is not common to find Ping Pong tips. We will try to propose some basic tips to become a good player. You are at school, sitting at your desk in the classroom, and then the bell rings and you and your friends run to the yard to get to the Ping Pong table as quickly as possible and be the first to play.

Usually this is the main memory people have when talking about this famous game.

Also, although they are practically the same, calling Ping Pong Table Tennis was only for those who competed regularly. The passion for this school recess sport also made many adults begin to see and follow professional competitions. This is why many people still play Ping Pong recreationally.

Look what are the tips of Ping Pong

If you are one of those people, then this article is especially for you! Here we will give you seven very useful tips on how to become a good recreational Ping Pong player. Also take the opportunity to visit the BODOG site and bet on the main Table Tennis championships in the world. Maybe today is your lucky day, check it out!

1. Keep calm, the first of the Ping Pong tips

Ping Pong is a very fast and dynamic sport, so trying to stay calm will make you think faster when deciding what move to play. Also, being calm helps relax your muscles, which helps with movement.

2. Train the serve

Train the serve

The serve is the main moment of a play. A good serve can limit the opponent’s actions and thus increase the chances of winning the point. Therefore, the greater the skill in the serve, the greater the mastery of the game. This is one of the most important tips in Ping Pong, and any sport, that should not be forgotten.

3. Move your legs and feet well

The correct movements of the legs and feet are essential to correctly execute a play. So, train your legs and feet by stretching and strengthening them before and after games.

4. Train defensive plays

Knowing how to defend and nullify the opponent’s attack is essential to win a match. Try to train various types of defense plays possible that minimize the opponent’s action until you are in control of the plays. This is advice taken into account by professional tennis players.

5. Try to use the right equipment

You don’t have to have the best Ping Pong equipment, but try to have your own equipment. In this way you can store it correctly, delaying its natural deterioration. The right team makes all the difference at game time.

6. Play with different opponents

different style of play

Each player has a different style of play. Knowing some of these styles will give you a good advantage during the match. For this reason, try to play against as many opponents as possible and watch his playstyles carefully.

7. Play smart

The main advice of Ping Pong. In fact, this tip would be the natural consequence of the other tips. If you take the previous points seriously, you will already be practicing Ping Pong in a very intelligent way.

But, it’s always good to remember, put this goal in your mind: play smart. Playing Ping Pong wisely is the key.

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